Is my husband crazy



My husband wants me to be without bra and not wear panty except during periods.

And ask me to wear skirts only.

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Is my husband crazy

Is my husband crazy Is my husband crazy Is my husband crazy Is my husband crazy

First off your hubby and mine are of like mind and could be brothers lol. My hubby enjoys the fact that I hate wearing any underwear and if I can’t be naked or at least topless that I wear as little as possible and as revealing as possible.

The pictures above are ALL outfits I have worn in public and continue to wear out in public. The top pic is one of my personal favorites to wear to more formal occasions even snooty places like a county club or on dates to fancy restaurants. The second pic is an all time favorite outfit that I love to wear out wet especially in the rain. As you see it becomes very see thru. The red one I have worn to formal occasions as well even family events.

The little black number is a favorite shopping outfit or a clubbing going to the bar want to be groped outfit. It allows lots of upskirt views on escalators and glass elevators. On the dance floor guys are always lifting it up exposing my butt and pussy or even dropping my top to expose my tits. Oh hell one other awesome outfit for the dance floor is wearing nothing but a large teeshirt that barely covers your butt. Guys are always pulling it up and groping the hell out of you. I can’t tell you how many teeshirts I’ve lost when it was removed leaving me naked in the bar being gang banged by all willing partners there.

The last pic is a small short white wrap around top that barely covers my breasts when tied with a very low cut in front. Very easily untied while dancing or any other time hubby wishes to expose my tits for all to see. Of course a short skirt easy access to my uncovered pussy.

For me I love being a slut and putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy. I can’t say it is for everyone. I understand if you aren’t comfortable dressing in such a way. You will get lots of looks and comments. If you aren’t comfortable hopefully your husband isn’t being too pushy. Maybe you can work your way into wearing revealing outfits and exposing yourself slowly. I’ve worn only a large overcoat before so I could fully flash my naked body or be fully covered depending on my mood.

I’m sure you will find it lots of fun once you get more comfortable showing off your body this way. Maybe one day you can post pictures here for all to see. Good luck my newest girlfriend. If I can be of further help email me directly at and we can share more privately.

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