is it proliferant to do


Flashing, how often and what mood are you in when you do the thing you do so well?

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is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do Wow great question….  as you know I love public exposure and putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy. Whether it’s a quick flash of my tits or full nudity I enjoy showing my body off in public. It is extremely exciting for me. Even after years of putting myself on public display it still turns me on every time I put myself out there. I ALWAYS get wet between my legs, my heart rate goes up, the thrill remains. Maybe it is because I am showing it all off to a whole new group of people or maybe it is the naughtiness of it. I’m not completely sure why it is so thrilling to me. It might be partly how much it excites my hubby and I love turning him on and being his extreme slutwife.

I quess I just answered what my mood is. I feel slutty, sexy, naughty, like a bad girl, and so much more. I love feeling the freedom of being naked. Not only the heat of the sun, the coolness of the breeze or water, just how my skin feels when it is naked and bare in nature. It is so liberating and fresh. But even indoors it is the freedom of being me without hiding even behind a stitch of clothing. I’m not hiding anything. Even my flaws are on display for all to see. I am proud to be the slutwife I am and displaying it for all to see. So you see it isn’t purely sexual though I love it when my nudity invites sexual touching from strangers. I put it all out there for everyone to see but I also put it out there as an invitation for anyone courageous enough to take me and use me as the slut wife whore I am. I love for complete strangers to be turned on by my naked body or tit flash. I want them to want me. I am hoping they will act on their desire and just grab me and do with me as they will. 

Oh and to answer your question of how often do I flash or expose myself publicly? As often as possible would be my answer but honestly if I had my way I would never wear anything ever again. I prefer to be naked as the day I was born. Usually around the house I am naked and on most of our drives away from home I am fully naked or at least topless in the car. If I must wear clothes I prefer them to be revealing in some way: sheer, low cut; short skirts, no undies. But out of respect for the situation and location I may be located I will wear appropriate clothing. But I do prefer to be naked especially in public inviting not only everyone to see my nudity but also to fulfill any fantasies that my nudity might have brought to their mind.

So to everyone reading this>>>>>>>>>>>> THIS IS YOUR PERMISSION >>>>> My contract with all of you>>>>>> Please please please if you see me in person anywhere anytime you have not only my permission but it is my desire that you fulfill every fantasy you ever had of just grabbing a strange woman and using her as your personal slut. No introductions no words need to be exchanged beyond trash talk. Use whatever amount of force roughness brutally or gentleness you prefer in your taking me as your sex toy. I honestly put it out there to be used as the slut wife whore I am. Hugs and kisses, Terry Webb 

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