I want to know my sensuality?


I love girls..i get erect by seeing their hot body and beautiful boobies…but love to see cocks i want to grab them and taste them.My fantasy is to fucked by huge cock..but i don\’t like men i don\’t want to kiss them i only want their cock not them..pls help me.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman because either way you know what you desire. There is nothing wrong with wanting both men and women partners. Hell I love pussy as much as cocks. The main difference is I like to be with one woman at a time as it is so much more sensual but with guys I love to be with as many as possible all at the same time. So everyone has preferences.

From reading your question I know you question your desires because you are a man and most guys don’t care for man to man in any way. My hubby don’t care for it either. But again you enjoy life and sex with whomever you wish. Life is to short to care what others think.

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