husband wants me to expose more in dressing …well how can i start..? its not easy the first time


hi we are a couple of 32f and 35M from sri lanka..husband loves showing me off and exposing me a lot…have done it couple of times..but he wants me to do it on a day to day habit. have done a lot in parties and controled environments..but I also would like to try but have doubts. just trying to get advice on how to get started on exposing onĀ  a daily basis..

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husband wants me to expose more in dressing …well how can i start..? its not easy the first time husband wants me to expose more in dressing …well how can i start..? its not easy the first time

I answered your similar question in much greater detail but because you specifically mentioned dressing more revealing (the first time) in this question I figured I share a few ideas. I will borrow somewhat from my first answer:
You could start with sheer clothing. If I must wear clothing, I like wearing things that are very revealing. I cut the liner out of a white swimsuit to allow it to be more see thru. I wear very short skirts without any panties for easy up skirt views. Low cut tops that allow full exposure of your breasts when you bend over. Experiment with your clothing to be more revealing is a good start. You can’t get into too much trouble with nudity if in fact you are clothed yet revealing some nudity.
Beaches or pools are an easy place to allow “wardrobe malfunctions”. You know loosing and moving your swimsuit to allow “accidental exposure” (can’t be a crime if it was an accident). Wear a loose fitting robe or cover up outside with nothing underneath so when the wind blows it exposes you. I like a fishnet cover up without any clothing underneath.
Wearing sheer clothing and getting caught in the rain works every time.
Have you heard of “sharking”? Usually it is a stranger pulling a woman’s shirt down to expose her breasts or her pants down exposing her butt. (I am NOT condoning this conduct) BUT we have found it works just as well if done on purpose. I will wear something to allow easy exposure. Hubby or a friend will walk up behind me grab my clothing exposing me and then run away as a stranger would. Sometimes depending on the type of clothing they can pull it totally off and run away with it leaving me without a way to cover myself except with my hands. Any witnesses are concerned for your embarrassment and sometimes will come to your aid in helping you cover up. No one suspects you are a willing “victim” simply exposing yourself. This works best when your hands are full so as not to be able to cover up too quickly. It is also full exposure outdoors in public places without fear of getting into trouble for exposing yourself.
Stop wearing underwear. By wearing no underwear you already feel exposed. Down shirt and up skirt views are encouraged. Oh cut your sweatshirt or teeshirt like in the movie “Flash Dance”. Cutting the collar out and sides low so very little movement allows full exposure of your breasts. This is one of my favorite tricks. Works every time.
Try any of these tricks at a large department store and you will get noticed. Lastly wear only body paint instead of clothes. With Mardi Gras right around the corner body paint is a great way to expose yourself. Experiment with your wardrobe, make a few adjustments if necessary and you will find it is easy to be very revealing even when clothed. husband wants me to expose more in dressing …well how can i start..? its not easy the first time

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