How many men at once


Hello, I would like to know how many men you have had fuck you at once ?

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Lots and lots of group sex in my past with large numbers of partners including every customer in bars as I’m on the pool table taking on all willing partners. So I’m not sure how many guys has been with me at once but it has been well over 50 several times. They fill all my holes at once and wait their turn until they too can enter their favorite opening. 

I love group sex gangbangs and being fucked in public places fully exposed for all to see and enjoy. I love being filled with and covered in cum. I love the filling of my snatch being raw and worn out from a long night of tag team fucking. I encourage and prefer all fucking to be bareback and for every guy to either cum inside me or to add to my cum bath as they cover me head to toe in that special man cream. 

I have had many blindfolded evenings of sex where I never know how many people are using me both men and women. I especially enjoy these evenings as I never know how many are there, who is there, or what is coming next. It might be a cock up one of my openings or a pussy in my face or some object rammed up my snatch. Because of these blindfolded gangbangs I also never know when a stranger smiles at me that just maybe he or she knows me from a sex filled night. That allows me to be even more willing to open my legs to everyone anywhere as hell as far as I know that person most likely already had fucked me before anyways during one of those sex filled group sex events.

So all I can say is I have entertained large numbers of cocks at the same time. The most at once I can do is 2 up my cunt 1 in my ass 2 in my mouth and 1 in each hand as I jerk the off and rub them against my tits. Yes 7 at once not counting the guys jerking off watching. This can’t last long as it isn’t easy to manage but the guys love seeing how I can make sure a thing happen. 

I hope this fully answered your question even if I couldnt put an actual number to your question.

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