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im happily married but I’m far more sexual than her. I want to try everything and I’ve never even seen our touched another woman’s tit. She also doesn’t really like giving or receiving oral much. Is it wrong that I want to get flashed, touch a woman’s breasts or get a blowjob? I also don’t know how to go about it.

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WARNING WARNING most affairs lead to divorce. Nothing good usually comes of stepping out on your spouse.

My affair left me extremely guilty ruined relationships and even caused me to attempt suicide several times before finally crawling back to my husband begging to be allowed back into my marriage.

Yes he forgave me and yes it lead to the extreme lifestyle we have now. In a way I love where we are and I love the awesome adventures of wild sex but it is a far cry from what we had before my affair.

Before the affair yes I was being exposed in magazines and I enjoyed public nudity on beaches and the like but our sex life was exciting and wonderful just my hubby and myself. We tried all we could as a couple from toys to bondage to BDSM as well as all the public exposure hubby enjoiyed having me do. Yes I liked the attention but it was a bit uncomfortable for me. I was getting more into it and it did excite me seeing others looking at me but it was all that exposure that helped lead me to the affair. So it was a vicious circle.

Bottom line DON’T DO IT. You will never be able to return to your marriage as you know it if you are able to return at all. Most likely you will lose your wife, your family, friends and other relationships. It truly isn’t worth it. Please seek counseling for you and your wife before stepping out.

I honestly wish you the very best and hope you find joy once again within your marriage.

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