Does Dick size matter

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Honestly I love all cock no matter size shape color or age. Some guys no matter their size arent very good in bed others are incredible lovers having small or larger tools to work with. Obviously some positions are easier to preform with a longer tool but overall it isn’t the size it is the man behind it.
I will admit some women will say size matters but no more than some men say size matters when it comes to a woman’s breasts or overall body shape. Sometimes it is a matter of preference. You do have advantages with a smaller size man tool: a woman can preform oral sex balls deep much easier on you. You might be allowed more anal because most women don’t care for larger cocks up their backside. Just to name a couple of advantages.
Dont frat the size of your tool. Just love your partner and enjoy your time together in and out of bed. In the long run you will see size doesn’t matter no matter what you hear elsewhere. Just like I dont frat over my body size or breast size. I just enjoy life and dont worry about those who might have some prejudice against size or shapes of body parts or bodies in general.

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