High School Fall Festival for Slutwife Terry Webb

High School Fall Festival for Slutwife Terry Webb sex stories real nudity howife bitch
Terry Webb pumping it

To all those who follow my posts you already know I am very adventurous sexually. I often meet people directly from websites who respond to my postings or I often repeat similar adventures that work for us such as being a truck stop whore or being a bar slut or a beach cum bucket. All of these continue to work for me. But instead of posting adventures that are nearly the same as previous adventures, I try to keep it fresh by sharing new extremes I've tried. So yes I remain very active sexually both in public and in group settings. Now to please my many admirers who have asked for my lastest adventures I share the following. My newest and maybe most daring adventure to date.

High School Fall Festival for Slutwife Terry Webb sex stories real nudity howife bitch
Terry Webb working it


…began with a visit to my niece and her family. She is finishing up high school this year and is quite an attractive young lady herself. She invited me to help out at the fall festival her school was having. It was an alternative to trick or treat is done in the high school gym. I agreed to help in any way that I could such as face painting, working a booth, helping with food or whatever.

I wore a cheerleader costume and put my hair in ponytails trying to look like a true cheerleader and to look younger. My niece who is a cheerleader wore a football uniform minus all the pads. We arrived early and were quickly put to work getting things ready for the festival to begin. My first assignment when the doors opened was the face painting booth. It was mostly smaller kids and some of the high school girls getting their faces painted. That is until my niece introduced me to several high school athletes. They were there mostly as muscle helping to get things set up. On a dare several got their faces painted. As I worked on the first one he flirted with me even hinting at what cheerleaders were good for.

High School Fall Festival for Slutwife Terry Webb sex stories real nudity howife bitch
Terry Webb in the perfect position

I called his bluff. As I painted his face I also guided his hand to my crotch easily accessible under my short cheerleader skirt. He started fingering me as I tried to concentrate on painting his face. Of course, he told his buddies who all wanted their faces painted. I didn't have to guide most of their hands to my crotch. Each one was ready when it was his turn. I not only encouraged it by sitting on the edge of my chair for easier access but I had my crotch fully exposed when each guy sat down and quickly reached under my little skirt. I also whispered to each one that if they could find us a safe place that I would be the cheerleader of their dreams.

I was now working on painting my fifth athlete when he whispered that he and his friends had found a place for us to meet. The football team had access to the boy's locker room and weight room anytime there was an activity at the school. A few guys were already back there lifting weights hoping I would join them. I asked my niece to take my spot at the face painting table claiming my arms and hands were tired before following my last face painting customer to the locker room.

High School Fall Festival for Slutwife Terry Webb sex stories real nudity howife bitch
Terry Webb ready to be filled with cum

Once in the room, I asked if any coaches or teachers ever checked in on them and if they had a plan for not getting caught. They explained their plan and posted a guy outside the only accessible door into the locker room (the outside door was chained from the inside). I was extremely nervous partly from the possibility of being caught but mostly at how young these guys were. They all claimed to be of age and most claimed to be knowledgeable in sexual matters. But I was sure that for most I would be their first and most likely some were even lying about their age.

Most of the guys were already wearing only gym shorts with obvious hard ons. I was amazed at their young mostly hairless chests and how each one had erections just for me. I happily released several hard cocks stroking them as I dropped to my knees and started sucking off each one. Occasionally a hand would find it's way down my shirt and onto my breasts or up my short skirt and into my very wet pussy. Someone finally unzipped my little costume allowing it to fall to the floor. I was naked now surrounded by all these naked athletes. Most were stroking themselves, several were feeling me up but no one really was taking charge.

So I had to do it. I took charge. I asked who was ready to fuck me. A small cheer of each one volunteering went up. I reminded everyone to keep it down so as not to attract attention. I then took one guy and sat him on the edge of the locker room bench where I promptly straddled him impaling myself onto his hard throbbing cock. I invited someone to take me up the ass as I sucked on yet another guy. I love being airtight and I didn't have to ask twice. I had all my holes filled and a cock in each hand. Other guys were rubbing their cocks against my tits as a few even used their cellphones to snap a few pics. I reminded them to be careful of taking any evidence of our night together because no one wanted to get into trouble. Not that I minded so much but I knew how high school boys loved to brag.

High School Fall Festival for Slutwife Terry Webb sex stories real nudity howife bitch
Terry Webb ready to fuck in the whirlpool

We moved to the weight room where the benches were padded. I tried to fulfill every request as now the guys were becoming braver asking me to fulfill some fantasy they wanted to be fulfilled. I bent over the bench so they could take me from behind. I sucked one off to completion swallowing his load. I allowed them to fill any hole they desired. One guy asked if he could squeeze my tits with the weight bar. Sure why not. I sat on the floor with my tits on the weight bench. A weight bar was placed across the top of my breasts pinning them against the bench. Weights were added to each end of the bar squeezing my tits turning them into purple mushrooms. Weights were then just stacked on top of each breast pressing them into the bench squeezing them as flat as they would go. It fascinated the guys that I was able to endure such torture.

The alarm was sounded. Someone was coming towards the locker room. I knew we were getting too loud. The weights were quickly removed as I jumped up to hide in a cabinet where the weights and other equipment were usually stored. The guys slipped back into their shorts and acted as if they were all lifting weights. I could hear voices. I dared not peek out. I was naked and afraid in my dark cramped space. Had we been found out? Oh, the scandal this would create. My mind flooded with possible outcomes. None seemed to end well and how would it affect my niece? After what seemed an eternity the door to my little hiding place was opened. Thankfully it was one of the guys. He told me it was the coach stopping in to check on them. He had left to rejoin the festival. I figured it was time to wrap it up. That fright ended the heat between my legs.

I agreed to shower with the guys. I really needed to wash away all the evidence of my evening. The showers were all open in one large tiled room unlike most girls' showers there isn't any privacy. So it was plenty large enough for all of us to shower together. I was super clean when we were done. Every guy there had a turn washing every square inch of me. As we were drying off I noticed a large metal tub in the small room next to the showers. I hadn't seen it earlier. I asked what it was. I was told it was the whirlpool they used for football injuries. Well, this I had to check out. It looked more like an old fashioned wash tub but it was huge. The guys offered to fill it up and let me try it out. I couldn't refuse such an offer. It took a little time filling up so I allowed the guys more time of groping and exploring my body.

High School Fall Festival for Slutwife Terry Webb sex stories real nudity howife bitch
Who wants to join Terry Webb?

Once the whirlpool was filled I climbed in and the jets were turned on. It felt so nice. I asked if anyone wanted to join me. Everyone volunteered but it wasn't big enough for more than 2. One by one they each had one more turn with me. Yes I fucked each one in the whirlpool. By the time the last one was done there was man cream floating all over the tub and sticking not only to me but each of the guys. Back to the showers as they drained the whirlpool. Again I allowed each guy a chance to wash me but this time it was more of a group activity as hands were everywhere all washing me at once. I was squeaky clean when we were done. I slipped back into my cheerleader costume before working my way back out into the now closing festival. One by one the guys started appearing from the locker room to help break down the booths and do the heavy work. I thought it a bit odd that most couldn't make eye contact with me but instead would smile and look away.

I never told my niece about my night but I understand her popularity skyrocketed after that night. If any of the guys ever told her she never said a word to me. I honestly don't want her to become like her aunt unless she truly wants to be but only after she is much older and married with a willing husband such as mine. For me I love the extreme slut wife lifestyle I've chosen but that is also what makes me so unique. Most marriages would never last and few women seem to enjoy exposing themselves and being used as I do. I enjoy helping others into the lifestyle but few stay after fulfilling a fantasy or two and realizing it really isn't for them.

I have attached photos of me in a weight room but they aren't from that night. I never took any nor were any shared with me. Hopefully, the few taken will someday find their way onto the internet. So to any guy who has pics or videos of me permission granted to post them everywhere.

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